I just got curved. Fucking ouch.

    To clarify, getting curved is when someone rejects you, plain and simple. About a year ago, I met a guy at Erewhon (the bougiest grocery store of all time) and we very quickly established a pretty powerful connection. I’m not going to bore you with all the details but we had an incredible night together and discussed nearly everything under the sun, including our own paths of spiritual development, what we envisioned our futures as individuals to be, and explicitly discussed how powerfully we felt towards one another and how we were BOTH looking forward to exploring this relationship together. We talked the next few days and then…radio silence. Fast forward a month and I run into him again and it’s weeiiirrrd. I texted him after, very gracefully and eloquently, expressing that I was hurt and confused by his behavior and lack of communication. He responded by apologizing and explaining it wasn’t the right time for him and maybe we would circle back in the future. Got it. This hurt but catapulted me into an extended period…that still hasn’t stopped… of me being on my SHIT and working on myself. I have an immense amount of faith in the divine. I know what is meant for me will never miss me, and whatever misses me was never meant for me. Though I rooted into my power, I did not forget our connection at all but I really did move ahead.


    Fast forward 6 months and I run into him again. When I see him, my heart BURST with love. Not even romantic, just pure love. We established that day that we were going to see each other when he got back in town from work. We text and talk for a few weeks and then again…. silence. At this point I’m kind of annoyed but see it as a divine message and I trust I will hear from him again if I’m meant to. Fast forward to TODAY, 2 months later, and he acts like I don’t even exist… and I did the same. Not in a scared energy, but a powerful one. If you can not give me the respect of an explanation after disappearing multiple times, I will not give you one ounce of my attention. Though I feel like I handled the situation as well as I possibly could, it still fucking hurts. It hurts to know that straight up, someone does not care to have you in their life. I know many people have felt this and my heart aches for y’all. What can we do? FREE OURSELVES. We are good enough. TRUST THAT. KNOW THAT. Let yourself feel what you need to but channel your hurt into motivation to be better than you ever have.  Do not hand over your power and cower in defeat. Rejection is one helllll of a teacher but really let it be. The hurt you feel is actually an ego death, by the way. You wanted what you wanted and didn’t get it. Ouch. But it’s ALL. GOOD. Trust in the big picture, my babiez. Getting curved is dope because it means you can take ownership of what happened and THAT is true power. Do not be embarrassed or feel dumb. Pick yourself up. Get to work on you. 



What Is Spirituality To Me?

     Spirituality to me is the energetic space I CHOOSE to occupy as I navigate this weird world. My spiritual practice is anything that makes me feel CONNECTED TO THE SOURCE. What do I mean by that? The source is the space of oneness. The space where we realize that every single being on this planet is one in the same. We are made up of the same matter and we all come from and most likely go to the same place. As children, we only know love, acceptance, and curiosity in our hearts. Judgment, hatred, disconnection, and a fearful, negative attitude are traits we pick up as society is able to sink its claws into us. My spiritual practice takes me back to my place of living with a child-like energy. Of walking around with love in my heart and compassion towards others because that is genuinely how I feel. My spiritual practice brings me to a place of being able to be content in the present moment, and it reminds me that the past and future are merely thoughts, not facts…and they certainly are not the present moment, so why be hung up on them? 


      What works for me varies and I play around with many different modalities because I am a seeker. My breath always works. Taking a moment to close my eyes, taking a deep inhale and surrounding my heart with this fresh breath and letting my belly expand and, sloooowly releasing my breath (either mouth or nose is fine, whichever you prefer) and allowing my chest to gently fall and return to neutral. This simple exercise centers me and brings me back to my present moment so quickly and effectively. Please remind yourself that YOU and you only are the master of your destiny as well as present reality. We control our thoughts and the way we respond to things. The breath puts everything into perspective. No matter how fucked something seems or how desperate you are to figure out a solution (we humans love ‘solutions’), the breath reminds us to return to the basics. One step at a time. You can and will handle anything, be sure to do it with kindness and grace. 

    Yoga, my fitness method I’ve curated, Tarot, crystals, prayer, and essential oils are some other tools I use to help bring me back to the basics of love, faith, and trust in the process that things ALWAYS work out for the best, even if we cannot make any sense of it at the time. 


Repeat this mantra:

faith over fear. faith over fear. faith over fear.

faith over fear. faith over fear.


     In any given situation, we can take a faith-based approach or fear-based one. Faith is us coming from our hearts and trusting that things work out, trusting that everything that happens TO us is actually happening FOR us. Fear is all ego and it is coming from a lack mentality. It is based off of the misconception of scarcity and comes from a place of control, rather than trust. ACTIVELY CHOOSE to live in your heart and operate from that space of beauty. Invest in yourself and your expansion by reading, attending classes, and being an active participant in your personal growth. When you tap into your light, you spread it around everywhere and quite literally change the lives of people you meet every single day. Now isn’t THAT a muhfuckin super power? In essence, spirituality to me is being the light and love I so wish to feel, see, and experience in this world.

Awakening the Divine Feminine in Us All

What even is the Divine Feminine? It is a state of consciousness that is energetically elevated, non-judgmental, ego-diminished, and non-harming being that transcends our regularly operating human mind.


It is often confused that only women should be concerned with feminine energy and this is a misconception. Both men AND women need a proper balance of masculine and feminine energy in order to gracefully navigate the world and intra-personal relationships. Any gender/sexual orientation can identify with Divine Feminine energy. Tapping into this energy is how we enter the path to our higher, more aware, happier, and more fulfilled selves. 



How do we awaken this feminine energy? 



It is immensely freeing when we allow ourselves to be fully immersed in how we currently feel rather than try and quiet it. The only way out is through. If you do not completely move through something, it will resurface over and over. Once you move through what needs to be felt and learned, you will level up and move onward and upward. 



You know your gut feeling? Listen to it. Maybe you aren’t ready to act upon what it is trying to tell you (for example, if you are dating someone you know you shouldn’t and have a nagging feeling in your stomach making you feel it isn’t right-it isn’t. But, maybe you aren’t ready to end it right away.. and that is ok), but do not tell that voice it is wrong. It is here to guide you towards your best and most true life. 



You do not always need to be action driven and “hard”. Lean into your warmth and compassion and understanding. It is possible to be a boss AND gentle at the same damn time. 





xoxox, Miss Alati


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3 Steps to a Bangin Ass Morning

1. Don’t hit the snooze button. Tragic, I’m fully aware, but jump up out of bed. It really helps and starts your day with san energy kick rather than fading in an out of sleep for 45 minutes.


2. Make yourself a big cup of hot lemon water and have that first thing. It wakes you up, energizes you, kick starts your metabolism, and adds brightness to your skin when you are consistent with it. Also is a fabulous diuretic so cheers to friendly bowel movements first thing in the morning~


3. MEDITATE. Trust me, you have time to sit, even for 5 minutes, with your eyes closed taking some deep breaths. Just give it a try. You’ll never look back and won’t miss your rushed and thoughtless morning routine. 





Anna Alati

5 Ways to Transition Into a Healthier Lifestyle

1. Water

I cannot stress the importance of adding more water into your life. Some of the benefits include: flushing out toxins from your system, weight loss, clear and radiant skin (um yes honey), energy boosting, headache remedy…and the list goes on. Drinking water is an easy and manageable way to begin your health journey. I recommend just carrying a huge water bottle with you at all times and refilling it throughout the day. Penta water is my preferred bottled water company. Just make sure your water is filtered in order to eliminate additional toxins from entering your system. Aim for about 2 liters a day which is 8 8-ounce glasses. Add some lemons, oranges, cucumbers, berries, mint, or basil to spice things up a bit if drinking plain water is dreadful to you. 


2. Coconut Oil

 Now I’m sounding like every other person on the internet. People are all about it for a reason. Cooking with it adds amazing flavor, is safe to cook with at a high temperature, and truly makes you glow from the inside out. I also use it to remove my eye makeup and moisturize my skin. Make sure it’s extra virgin, unrefined and cold pressed. Dr. Bronner’s is my favorite.


3. Sleep

 But not too much. You consistently need 6-8 hours of sleep depending on how you are as an individual. Young people love to say “I’ll sleep when I’m dead”…well guuurrll I’m sleeping now because I like to feel like the best version of myself and sleep is integral to that. Get some nice sheets and a nice pillow and make your bed a place you love and can truly rest in. Enjoy.


4. Walk

Move, move, move. Getting into fitness is a little bit of a process if you are starting at a place of being pretty much inactive. Literally walk out of the door and go on a 30 minute walk. Really every single day. Your body was created to move. When you are on your walk you can call people you love, appreciate the beauty around you, take time to yourself, and listen to some kick ass music. 


5. Quit Sugar

 Bye bitch! You didn’t love me anyway. But for real. Sugar is the enemy of your being. Especially artificial sweeteners. I have seen the biggest difference in my body and general well being after cutting sugar almost entirely out of my diet. I am human so sometimes I do have some dessert but other than that, I am really good about staying away. Eating sugar just causes you to want more sugar…it’s a slippery slope, you get it. Turn to fruit to get your sugar fix. Your skin will clear up, your energy will improve, and you will lose fat from your body. Trust. 


Good luck, ya’ll. Start the journey of being the best you, it will be the best thing you have ever done.

love + light,

Anna Alati

1 Word to Eliminate From Your Vocabulary Forever


Sigh. “I just wanted to let you know…” “I just wanted to say…”

STOP RIGHT THERE. When you use the word “just”, you are making yourself smaller in a conversation. You are trying to take up less space, trying to be less assertive, and handing the receiver of your “just”, your power. Say what you have to say with confidence. Don’t look for approval or acceptance from the individual you’re conversing with. Remember, bosses don’t justify what they have to say, and neither should you. BOSS UP, BADDIES.



Anna Alati

Svadhishthana, boo.

So what the hell is Svadhishthana? It’s one of the seven chakras that are in our being. Chakras are the energetic spiritual centers of the body all representing different attributes. Svadhishthana, or the “sacral chakra” is the one I want to chat about today. Within the past 10 months, my focus has really zeroed in on building my career. Within the past month, it’s the only thing I can even see…it's like I have blinders on to the rest of the world around me. All that my focus is on is creating and growing my fledgling empire and bettering myself. So where do sexual relationships fit into all of this? They don’t. Why would I be chasing after something that continually knocks me off of my center and takes me out of my fullest power? Won’t be happening anytime soon, promise.


How does this relate to the Sacral Chakra? It is the home to BOTH creative and sexual energies of your being. It’s dedicated to your relationships with others and is the pro-creation center. Positioned at the base of our spine, this is the chakra that energetically charges all other chakra systems of the body. It is from this chakra that your energy gets distributed throughout your whole chakra energy system. Your sacral chakra also relates to issues of power in the external world - specifically, your financial and sexual power as well as your power in terms of business and social interactions. Svadhishthana is also associated with your expression of desire, intimacy, and the undisturbed flow of your emotions as well as the honest expression of your feelings. This is the sacred and powerful place in which you manifest your dreams and desires, as well as work through your fears and boundaries. An open sacral chakra allows you to be able to feel both emotionally and physically, connect to others, and genuinely be able to let things go that no longer are serving your highest self. 


Now let’s tie this all together. I feel like there is a lot of pressure to find a boo and that you don't “have it all” until you do. Well…fuck that. Use your energy to BUILD SOMETHING. Is there anything more important than truly and deeply loving yourself and the life that YOU CREATE? Instead of wasting your time and life trying to find someone to fill the void of being alone, I encourage you to channel that sexual energy into creative energy and make magic in your world. If you refuse to settle and continue to work on yourself, someone so incredible is going to step into your world it will feel like you made them up in a dream. Embrace being alone and find power in that. The best things come when you are not searching for them. Cultivate ya self love, put your dreams into action. 



Anna Alati

4 Things That Actually Fucking Matter


Wait…do I swear too much? Anyway. I’m sitting on a plane flying from New York back to my beloved LA. There is someone in and out of my life that I care about very deeply and they aren’t being the best version of themselves. Watching their struggle has inspired me to share with you a few things that are massive influences in our life that hugely shape who we are and the standards at which we hold ourselves to and the level we operate at.


1. The People You Share Your World With: It is IMPERATIVE that the people who surround you are high caliber individuals who you respect and hold in high esteem. My mom used to say to me “when you sleep with dogs, you get fleas”. I used to scream at her (I have a reformed temper issue) because I thought that was THE most annoying phrase. The older I get the more I realize how beyond true that statement is. The people who surround you are direct reflections of you. Guess what? Embarrassing, low quality people make you look like an embarrassing, low quality person. This is just facts baby, so get with it. 


2. How You Treat Your Body On a Consistent Basis: My rule is generally 80/20. 80 percent of the time I am eating very clean, exercising at least 5 days a week, drinking plenty of water, and staying away from alcohol. The other 20 percent of the time, I’m not worried about it. I have some drinks, eat some bread and a cookie or whatever I’m being an obsessive freak about (I have a very powerful obsessive streak in me). This is balance. This matters. If you aren’t treating yourself well and aren’t consciously thinking about providing your amazing body with the nutrients it needs to be its best, don’t you think this is a reflection of how you truly feel about yourself? I think I’m a god damn queen, honestly. And a queen eats like a queen! She rests like a queen, thinks like one, treats herself like one, and ONLY allows the people in her life to treat her as royalty, nothing less. This self worship is imperative for you to soar to the heights you are meant to go. THINK about what you are putting into your body (sexual partners included, just sayin’).


3. What You Fill Your Consciousness With: The books you read, the music you listen to (I mean the majority of what I listen to is misogynistic garbage but I’m a slave to a bangin ass beat so that won’t be changing), the accounts you follow on social media, the TV you watch, etc. Enrich yourself! Go read The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho right now. Seriously. Follow accounts that have something to teach you other than whatever celebrity bullshit people love to talk about. Listen to music that makes you wiggle and happy to be alive and makes ya feel ya damn self. Journal. Reflect. Look inward in order to grow upward and outward. You have access to so much incredible information at all times of the day by being the owner of a smart phone. Take advantage of that. If you are curious about something, google it. If you find that your vocabulary is stale and dull, google synonyms and a list of new and refreshing words will pop up in nano seconds. Refine yourself. 


4. CONFIDENCE: I cannot emphasize the power of confidence enough. It is something you can feel in someones energy the second they step into a room and WOW is that a super power and so attractive. It makes people want to work with you and know you on a subconscious level. If you don’t believe in you and think that you’re dope as fuck, how can you expect others to? What helps breed confidence is being on a work grind and working on yourself. Right now I want you to sit up tall. Roll your shoulders back. Pull your bellybutton towards your spine and feel your core engage. Lift your chin up. Take a big inhale, expanding your ribs. Pause with this breath within you for just a few moments, then slowly exhale. Repeat a few more times. Maybe close your eyes. Now think to yourself “you’re one bad mother fucker and I love you and I am going to be gentle and patient with you. Thank you”.


No, really, thank you. Thank you thank you thank you. When you read and appreciate my words, my purpose on this planet is reaffirmed. There is nothing that makes me happier than assisting you in any possible way towards being the best version of yourself. Now go have a lovely day. 

3 Ways to Step Out Of A Low Place

Ouch, life can really hurt. Maybe a specific incident triggered your spiral or maybe you just work up really heavy and low. I get it, I have struggled with depression since becoming a self aware individual around 10 or 11 years old. Due to living with this heaviness, there are certain things I have found to really help me. 


  1. Pause, close your eyes, and breath. And I mean REALLY breathe. Full belly fill ups where your ribs expand. On your exhale, go slow, snd make a conscious effort to release what is anchoring your being with heaviness. Keep breathing like this for even 3 minutes and you will feel a lightness in your being that definitely wasn’t there before.

  2. Go on a walk. Moving your body and being outside is a really lovely reset. It’s important for us to spend even a few moments a day outside. Breathing fresh air and being in the sun helps re-ground us.

  3. MuSiC ~~~ and I’m talkin’ that turn out turn up type ish. I have a habit of putting on the most depressing shit ever when I’m in a mood because I’m major drama. When I decide I’m over feeling like not being alive I put on whatever is my favorite bop at the time (can be found on my PiFlo playlist). But, if ratchet shit doesn’t resonate with you, put on whatever does. It’s all good boo boo. Just remember, you can not experience the highs of life if you don’t weather the storm of the lows. Trust that you will make it through this and you are on your way to being better than ever.