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3 Ways to Step Out Of A Low Place

Ouch, life can really hurt. Maybe a specific incident triggered your spiral or maybe you just work up really heavy and low. I get it, I have struggled with depression since becoming a self aware individual around 10 or 11 years old. Due to living with this heaviness, there are certain things I have found to really help me. 


  1. Pause, close your eyes, and breath. And I mean REALLY breathe. Full belly fill ups where your ribs expand. On your exhale, go slow, snd make a conscious effort to release what is anchoring your being with heaviness. Keep breathing like this for even 3 minutes and you will feel a lightness in your being that definitely wasn’t there before.

  2. Go on a walk. Moving your body and being outside is a really lovely reset. It’s important for us to spend even a few moments a day outside. Breathing fresh air and being in the sun helps re-ground us.

  3. MuSiC ~~~ and I’m talkin’ that turn out turn up type ish. I have a habit of putting on the most depressing shit ever when I’m in a mood because I’m major drama. When I decide I’m over feeling like not being alive I put on whatever is my favorite bop at the time (can be found on my PiFlo playlist). But, if ratchet shit doesn’t resonate with you, put on whatever does. It’s all good boo boo. Just remember, you can not experience the highs of life if you don’t weather the storm of the lows. Trust that you will make it through this and you are on your way to being better than ever.