Radiant You


Radiant You

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This Course Is For You If:

  • You want to permanently drop out of the fear mindset and step into an abundance mindset

  • You desire to learn why fear and pain are the ultimate illusion and some of our best teachers

  • You want to be a magnet of goodness and truly eminate radiance from every particle of your being

This course offers the following:

  • Guided Alati Method training session (20 minutes - full body)

This teaches you how to begin your journey with mind body connection.
Once this connection is mastered, you will reap the ultimate benefits in your future workouts and throughout your daily life.

  • Self-love and grounding workshop

This teaches you how to stop seeking validation from external sources and a way to cultivate a sense of sturdy wholeness from within.

  • Breathwork

This elaborates on breathwork strategies to implement in your daily life and focused meditation in order to ground you, provide more clarity, and eliminate anxiety.

  • Incorporating chanting techniques

This enables you to deeply connect with and awaken your spiritual self (connection to your third eye).

  • An explanation on the TRUE definition of fear…  

…and all of its cousins and why it no longer needs to be a part of your identity.

“Radiant You” will be releasing in December 2018 — the $100 price is for pre-sale only. This course is yours forever and something you can refer back to time and time again.