The Alati Method is...

a low stress and low impact fitness method that blends the worlds of Pilates, yoga, and resistance training in order to create the physique of ones dreams - toned, lengthened, flexible, and strong. Anna’s gentle approach revolutionizes the current fitness stigma that we must “go hard” and be obsessive in order to attain the bodies we wish to. Through the loving approach that is The Alati Method, clients ground themselves and elevate all areas of their being and world.


"I have known and have been training with Anna Alati for 3 years. She has helped me stay on track with being the healthiest version of myself. She knows how to plan a workout that is adaptable to all different body shapes and sizes; she even understands that every person has different limits.

Anna has always been reliable, gives great advice, and I know I can always count on her. Her music taste and style is always on point, and her personality makes her even more fun to work with.

I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a new reality!"

- Gwen Van Meir, NEXT Worldwide Model

"I like to refer to Anna as the booty whisperer because that’s literally what she is. Her methods are unlike any other and will transform you. Not only does she incorporate the best physical workouts, but she also adds a mental and spiritual aspect to her training too which is what I love most. She’s seriously the best and will cater to your specific goals, wants, and needs."

- Cherokee Luker, NEXT Miami Model

"There are few people I enjoy at 6:30AM, and there are even fewer people I voluntarily let kick my ass at 6:30AM three times a week; in fact, Anna might be the only person I enjoy so much that I have never missed a session for. In the past 8 months we have reshaped my body, stabilized my mind, instilled consistency, formed sustainable habits and had so much fun along the way."

- Kira Judah, Global Head of Talent & Entertainment Relations

"Through the teachings of Anna, I was able to transform my everyday life by understanding that what we put into the world is what we get out of it. I stopped projecting negative thoughts and energy with the expectation of a positive outcome; instead, I focus on radiating light and positivity and that’s what the world has given back to me since."

- Brady Olexo, Instagram personality

"Working with Anna over the last year and a half has transformed me both externally and internally. I have come into my healthiest physique, and I feel vital, vibrant and so confident in my skin which is something I have struggled with my entire life.

It’s so empowering to workout like a woman. I love Anna’s style and grace of kicking my butt and holding me accountable."

- Natalia Benson, Entrepreneur, Women's Coach & Astrologer